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With over 1,000 programs in 60+ countries, Mastercard is partnering with governments, development organizations and NGOs to deliver effective solutions that improve the lives of citizens. 

Key advantages of working with Mastercard

Proven Expertise

Our public sector experts understand the challenges you face and have extensive knowledge of the solutions that will work best for you.

Collaborative Approach

We work closely with governments, NGO's and other partners in the payments ecosystem to promote successful outcomes for all.

Flexible Solutions

Our ability to customize solutions to local market needs makes it easier for you to achieve results.

Digital Evolution Index 2017

Developed in partnership with the Fletcher School at Tufts University, this research studies the drivers of digital evolution across 60 countries, drawing conclusions on how countries can improve their digital fitness and rate of advancement

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Streamlining public transport in Mexico City

Find out how Mastercard will help make it easier for the capital city's 5.5 million daily subway and bus travelers to get around

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Improving commuter transit in London

Tourism as a development strategy

Explore the role that payment technologies and data insights can play in making tourism an economic driver

Study examines mobile biometric challenges

Research developed by Mastercard and the University of Oxford looks at how banks can successfully deploy solutions

Partnerships that deliver proven results

Colombia - Simplifying procurement

In partnership with Banco Davivienda, Mastercard provided the city of Barranquilla with a comprehensive procurement card solution that helped the city streamline expense management, saving Barranquilla money and making it easier for suppliers. 

United Kingdom - Going cashless

The London Borough of Brent wanted to eliminate all cash payments to gain efficiencies. Mastercard enabled solutions that addressed acceptance, payroll and benefits disbursement. These solutions allowed the council to go completely cashless.

Italy - Expanding collections

Through the use of the Mastercard acceptance network, we were able to expand the number of government collection locations to over 70,000 nationwide. This expansion provided efficiencies to the government and made it more convenient for the two million citizens who make direct payments to the Italian government.

Italy - Simplifying social payments

Nearly 30% of social benefit and pension recipients did not have bank accounts, making it challenging for the Italian government to eliminate cash and check payments. We developed a card disbursement program that made it possible for 1.2 million recipients to securely receive these benefits.

Nigeria - Enabling an identity system

The Nigerian government was faced with two challenges - the high use of cash and resulting shadow economy, as well as the need to establish a central citizen database. Mastercard delivered a national ID card system that provided both an identity solution and a payment capability.

Russia - Providing a universal solution

In Russia, 40% of the population is eligible to receive different kinds of social benefits -- both financial and non-financial. Mastercard built a single payments toolkit which can be customized to each individual benefits program. This solution gave governmental departments the flexibility to tailor the solution to their unique needs and over 27 million cards have been distributed across all programs.

South Africa - Transforming lives

Mastercard and our partners, Net 1 and Grindrod Bank, were able to rapidly and significantly reform the distribution of social security benefits nationwide for SASSA. The government has gained over $700 million in savings while making it safer and easier for millions of recipients to receive their benefits. 

Mastercard Advisors study uses a data-driven approach to examine financial inclusion

Three key principles help inform the strategies to drive higher inclusion and realize its benefits

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