Transforming humanitarian response

Humanitarian agencies and international development organizations are increasingly looking to deliver aid digitally.

To help facilitate this shift, Mastercard has developed a suite of powerful, flexible solutions that are faster, more efficient and more secure than cash and paper vouchers. Our products support the important work aid agencies undertake by benefiting communities, stimulating local markets and providing beneficiaries dignity through choice.

Deploying in remote environments

Offline digital vouchers are designed to operate with limited infrastructure

Disbursing cash safely

Prepaid cards empower aid beneficiaries and stimulate local markets

Sending money anywhere

Mobile wallets, bank accounts and ATMs are all potential endpoints

The Mastercard Aid Network helps distribute emergency and ongoing assistance

This platform offers beneficiaries choice unlike vouchers and physical cash that can put recipients at risk, or in-kind assistance that can disrupt local economies

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Transforming aid distribution with a simple solution

Enhance existing programs with consulting services

Mastercard Advisors combines data and payments expertise to improve the implementation of aid programs

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Building smarter communities

Mastercard is using digital technology to create sustainable refugee economies