Solutions at any scale

With more than 50 years of industry leadership and a record of innovation and technology investment, Mastercard is the right partner for governments.

As governments look to electronic payments to increase efficiency, convenience and security, they need a partner that can develop and implement solutions that can do all of this and help address the financial needs of citizens.

Economic growth

See how Mastercard is unlocking opportunities that benefit all citizens

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Public finance management

Improving the convenience, security and efficiency of payments and collections

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Financial inclusion

Enabling inclusion that facilitates access to vital services

Humanitarian response

Empowering aid agencies in delivering superior response

Mastercard has both proven experience and innovative solutions to help governments implement new or transform existing programs. We're taking the best of the private sector for the benefit of the public sector and our experts are drawing on the following:

Financial inclusion in Egypt

See how our technology is helping unbanked citizens

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Empowering people through inclusive economies

See how the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth is advancing economic growth and financial inclusion around the world

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